Grace Christian Academy 

              A Ministry of Manahath Educational Center 

                     "But grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To Him Be the Glory Forever. " 2 Peter 3:18 

Manahath Educational Center 

Serves as the sponsoring organization For Grace 

           Manahath Educational Center was founded in 1957 by William Wallace Breckbill (1907-1974).  Dr. Breckbill believed "Christian schools founded on the Word of God alone were the hope of the future." He said, "with atheism and unbelief running rampant in the educational insituitions of this nation, we need schools which are again going to implant in the minds of our young people the truth's of God's Word. We need schools that will instill into the minds of our young people individual responsibility that every Christian must give an account of their stewardship to God." With this goal in mind,  Dr. Breckbill managed to found and build up Breckbill Bible College which has been training pastors, missionaries, homemakers, lay men and women, Christian educators and youth ministers for almost 60 years. It is a great honor for the current Breckbill Bible College faculty  to continue the legacy of Dr. Breckbill by partnering with Grace Christian Academy.  Now we are able to offer our community a Christian education from pre-school through college. 

          Our desire is that those graduating from this school will have instilled in them, a love for the Word of God, a certainty that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour, a love for this country and its precious heritage; that they will walk in the old paths, that they will guard and strengthen the ancient landmarks and walk before the Lord in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake. For more information about Manahath Educational Center and Breckbill Bible College follow this link.